Should Music Make You Sick?

photo-1416339306562-f3d12fefd36fSo I read this article about Mark Ronson and how he became sick because he was stressed and working so much to finish “Uptown Funk,” last year’s collaboration with Bruno Mars. Which is undeniably a fantastic track. The first time I heard it, it blew me away. And it helped me get through what was a record setting winter in snow and cold for my area.

He produced 54 versions of the track in 6 months! Wow! Knowing how much work goes into a production, that was truly amazing. A lot of work can go even into just a rough track that never sees the light of day. No wonder he ended up collapsed in a restaurant and losing his hair. Talk about anxiety.

I think most of us are happy he finally got it to the place it was. But to work to the point of being so ill you can’t function? Isn’t music supposed to be enjoyable? The modern music industry has made things so competitive that people feel compelled to resort to working themselves into the ground. And there’s always the stories about artists not being able to finish a tour or something because of exhaustion. It’s too bad this is how it is. Music should make you happy, or relieved, or satisfied, but not make you sick. But I certainly admire his determination to get it right!

David Bowie-Music Innovator

black-25662_150I was so sad to hear that David Bowie passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was always one of my music heroes. I still love some his early work, especially. “Changes” and “Golden Years” being among my favorites. Then, of course there was his 80s era- “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl.” It was amazing how he was able to fuse musical styles and reinvent himself with every project. And he was still releasing music! Just goes to show, when it’s in your blood, you just have to create it.

When I was a teen, a friend and I used to listen to him all the time. He was our music of choice (and coolness-lol) for many years. I’d say he was probably my favorite music artist when I was growing up. He definitely influenced some of my early writing.

So what’s your favorite Bowie song?

Great Music Everywhere…

guitar neck (800x531)I’m trying to fight the urge to curl up and hibernate till spring. It’s not easy, let me tell you. But one thing that’s inspiring me to get out is to hear some live music! I’m kind of amazed how easy it is to go hear live music. It’s everywhere! At least in the area where I am (eastern Massachusetts, US.) It’s nice to go hear the mainstream artists, but 1000s of dollars to get an Adele ticket! Crazy. And I definitely understand why everyone wants to go to the big concerts. Fun!

…But there’s so much really great music from lesser-known artists. You don’t even have to go to the city. Keep your eyes (and ears) open- you never know where you might find something wonderful. Here’s a sampling of some of my local offerings:

* A small art museum not far from me has a weekly jazz night.

*A tavern in the same area has an open jam night for folk music. (Not generally my thing- but fantastic musicianship!)

*A cupcake place 5 minutes from me has a local band night every week. A CUPCAKE place!! That’s awesome. Music and cupcakes. What’s not to love about that?

*About 30 minutes away, there’s a pub that has big band night every week.

I’m sure if I worked at it, I could find many more- these are just the ones that tumbled into my lap. There’s so much, it’s hard to have time to do all of it. But I’m going to do some, for sure!

Rock Obsession

concert (640x425)

I’ve been writing a lot of dance music lately, but the funny thing is, I’m totally into listening to rock right now. I go through phases with music- soul, funk, pop, R&B…right now it’s rock. And not alt rock, either. Though I love that and have a playlist I adore. I’m talking testosterone-driven, angst-filled, power-chord, ROCK.

Been into Breaking Benjamin ( love “Breath,” “Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and many more!!) And this other band my sister clued me into, Red. Their song, “Buried Beneath” from their “Until We Have Faces” album is at the top of my playlist. Gives me chills every time I listen to it (which has been an awful lot-over and over and over!)

Something about it is really speaking to me right now. Dramatic and big. It’s slow but feels like a midtempo because of the explosive toms, density of the haunting strings and frankly, the intensity of the emotion. Hits me right in the gut. Hmmm…you know, I need to listen to it on my studio monitors so I can clearly hear everything that’s going on. Of course, the power chords are the main event….happiness!

LOVE the guitar slides on the 1st and 5th lines of the choruses. They’re a great accent. What’s not to love about a guitar slide? And they pick up at the end, which is awesome. The lush background vocals accentuate the mood. And the ending is left unresolved, the distortion slowly fading into the background vocals and strings….and it’s left up to our imagination what happens. It’s a mini movie in under 4 minutes. I absolutely LOVE it.

If you have any rock favorites…let me know! What can I say? Sometimes a girl just needs some power chords in her day. 😉

Single Release

Hi all! It’s been quite a while! Had some spam issues with my site, and it has taken a while to rectify. But now I can catch you up! Of course, I’ve got new songs available, and a couple of dance songs about to be finished. But this track is a single release by  a Canadian artist. Her album will be coming out next year. She got distribution offers at MIDEM this summer. (And everyone loved my track- “Too Obvious” in particular!) I think she sounds great on it. Hope you enjoy!