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Daphne Tetreault

Songwriter & Producer of Pop Songs, R&B Songs, and Pop/Rock Songs


I'm Daphne Tetreault, songwriter and music producer mostly in the pop music genres. I've had a bunch of releases with different artists, most of whom I've also produced. They're in the pop/top 40 genres and have gotten local and Internet radio play.

Why should you listen to my music? If you're an artist in need of a songwriter, or someone representing an artist, then I might have some songs you'd like to record. Check them out here!

Click here to sample "Everyone Wants to Be Famous"
Click here to sample "Boy Toy"

If you're looking for a songwriter to write some new songs, co-write with, or if you need a music producer to produce you, let's talk. Shoot me an email.

Or...if you're a listener who loves to find new music and new songs and artists, then you've also come to the right place! Take a listen! These artists are great for singing along to or dancing to!

Click here to sample "Wish I May"
Click here to sample "Itsy Bitsy"