A Bit of Ridiculousness

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gorgeous_classical_music_background_02_vector_157887 freeIt seems to me lately that there has been a lot of silly copyright lawsuits. Plagiarism certainly happens. And everyone has the right to own their work and not be stolen from. But I read an article about how Madonna faced a lawsuit where someone- 25 or so years later BTW- was suing her for a horn note. A note!! Apparently it lasted .23 seconds long. Somehow I doubt the track creators went and stole a note. Apparently the court felt the same way because she won.

And why did they wait so long? Just like the band that was suing Led Zeppelin for an opening riff in “Stairway to Heaven.” They’ve waited about 40 years to take action. How important was it to them if they waited so long…? Why now? They’ve decided it might be a good way to make some cash? I don’t get it.

Yes, we all have the same notes to work with. And sometimes melodies, tracks, riffs, etc come out sounding like something else you’ve heard. So you change it. Because there are infinite musical combinations.

If there is a legitimate stealing of someone else’s work, fine. That’s what copyrights are for, for protection. But a lot of these lawsuits seem like ridiculousness. A way to grab at something easy, to get some notoriety. Silly.

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