About Me

I am a music maker. I’m a songwriter, music producer, piano and flute player, melody hummer and whistler.  I love all kinds of music, from pop to jazz, from R&B to classical. As long as it has a great melody. That’s what it always comes back to for me.

It’s been exciting to hear my songs recorded by different artists. Artists from a number of countries have recorded my material, including the UK, Netherlands, Canada and of course the US. Some of the material has gotten radio play, or been licensed for TV and other media, and has even won some awards. I’ve also produced some artists in my home studio.

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I’m always working on new material, and I’ve got vocal songs in styles like pop, pop/R&B, dance, and singer/songwriter as well as other styles and instrumentals in hip-hop, electronic, and acoustic. I like to experiment – low boredom threshold. But I always come back to pop vocal songs. That’s what I really love.

In other areas of my life…I love to travel with my husband in our Airstream, read good books, watch movies,  and to try and do new things. Going out of the comfort zone.  It stimulates creativity!