Another Loss

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guitar neck (800x531)Well, music has lost another icon, Prince. Not that I’ve ever been a fan, but still, he greatly influenced modern music. His trademark high guitar licks over pop music are still a popular style even today.

I greatly admired his work style though. I read an article once about how he worked on his tracks. He didn’t over-think his tracks. Apparently, he wouldn’t record his takes too many times. A couple of takes, that’s it, and then he would move on. He felt that trying to make a take overly perfect would destroy its feeling and energy.

I totally agree with that. I thought that was a good rule of thumb at the time, and have recorded my own tracks in a similar way. I sort of did that prior to reading the article, but now I always try to remember that.

The emotion in a piece of music, or even in a piece of a piece of music, can actually get ‘perfected’ out. By trying so hard to get it technically perfect that it loses all emotion and becomes robotic. Not generally what you want.

Not to mention, in the heat of the track creating moment, you might lose the forest for the trees. Get so hung up on one thing that you lose other emerging ideas.

So, even though I’m not a fan, he’s still influenced how I work when I create. Has he influenced your music? I’d love to hear how!

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