Grammys 2017!

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concert (640x425)The Grammys this year were so…human. Artistic problems, technical problems, statements, awkward moments, crying, laughing, high and low energy times. This year’s Grammy’s started off on a quieter note with Adele performing her hit, “Hello”. And she totally nailed it. She has got some serious power in her vocal cords. Impressive. She wasn’t hidden by a fancy production. She hit the power notes with confidence.

David Bowie won for a song he released the day before he died for best rock song. Knew that was going to happen. Still sad he’s gone. 🙁

They had some group “impromtu” thing on the floor with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” That no one seemed to know the words to. Trying to bring the energy up. Bit of a fail. LOL

But Bruno Mars came on after that and brought the energy up instantly. Though I missed the gold lame suits from a previous year,lol. Though he can still sing, and he hit all the high notes. I hope he was really singing and it wasn’t lip-synced! Though we may never know.

Katy Perry with Skip Marley- Change in the Rhythm. Happy she’s got a new single, and I really like it. I love the rhythm of it. Kind of grooves without being overly demanding. Nice mid tempo. And Skip Marley sounded great. One of my favorite performances of the night. Finally the energy was up!

William Bell (?- I think that’s what the host said) and Gary Clark Jr. gave a fantastic blues duet. Short but great. Dude could play guitar. Love William’s voice in particular. Haven’t heard of them, but that’s one thing I like about the Grammys! You get introduced to artists from different genres.

Maren Morris and Alicia Keys “Once” had good energy and they hit some power notes together. And the last phrase was spot on.

The George Michael tribute. Adele stopped in the middle because she messed up and wanted to start again. That’s different! And so they started again! She hit some great notes near the end though. And she cried at the end. I appreciated that she wanted to get it right. Classic musician. 🙂

Then James Hatfield’s mic wasn’t working during Metallica’s performance with Lady Gaga- problems tonight! But Lady Gaga brought her usual over-the-topness and theater to the performance and they made it work. Enough experience there to not let it throw them, unlike others…(ahem!-like someone whose name starts with Mariah-lol)

Everyone was great in the Bee Gees tribute. Everyone in the audience was singing along, as was I.

The Time (I think that’s what he said)- funk- fun and dancy and kind of cheeky! People were dancing in the aisles. Really great. Then segwayed into the Prince tribute, enter Bruno Mars again. Definitely a higher energy than his previous performance. Brought the full Prince regalia costume- purple shiny suit, fluffy shirt, leopard print guitar strap. Funny. Now the gold lame is out. Haha! Great guitar playing by Bruno Mars. Fantastic solo!

Loved the Pentatonix’ version of the Jackson 5’s “1,2,3!” So original.

John Legend and Cynthia Erivo’s intro and outtro to the ‘in memoriam’ segment was fantastic. Her voice is so pure and effortless. Beautiful.

Adele cleaned up this year for song of the year, record and album of the year. Go her! Not my favorite Grammys overall, but still a good show!

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