Daphne has a number of songs and tracks in different genres for aspiring artists. Email me if you’re looking for something specific!

Track leasing: Save $$$ by leasing pre-mixed tracks. Why spend hundreds of dollars in the studio when I’ve got them all ready for you? Each track is $150 for demo purposes and live performances. If the song is on a CD for sale then add an additional $91 for mechanical royalties per 1000 CDs ( $241 US total per track). Tracks will be sent on CD and via MP3. I make it easy for you!

Music to lyric: For $250 I will provide original music to your lyrics. Drums, bass, synth and/or guitar parts will be included. No lyric changes will be made without your approval.

Production: I prefer to work with female artists. So if you’re a female artist in eastern Massachusetts, US, looking for a non-intimidating studio to record in email me! If you’d like to record your music it’s $50/hour. Or if you’d like to record one of my songs, please see the above rates.

Sync licensing: If there’s a track you’d like to use in combination with a video production you’re working on, please get in touch and we’ll talk. Most of the songs are available as instrumentals, and there are strictly instrumentals available as well.

I’m looking forward to talking with you!

Daphne Tetreault