My Music


Vocal Songs


Around the World- dance/pop a la Calvin Harris, David Guetta. Inst track available


Beautiful Tonight- dance/pop like Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez; Inst track available


Surrender- dance/pop like Lady Gaga; Inst track available


Will I- dance/pop like David Guetta; Inst track available


New Day- dance/pop in the vein of Cascada; Inst track available


All I Wanna Do Is Dance- dance/pop in the vein of Rihanna/Katy Perry; Inst track available



Teen pop

Boy Toy- pop like Selena Gomez; Inst track available


Too Obvious- pop like Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato; Instr track available


Into You- pop like Megan & Liz; Instr track available


iGirl- girl empowerment song; Inst track available




Even in the Moonlight- uptempo pop like Jessie J/Karmin; Instr track available


Once Upon A Time- acoustic pop like Taylor Swift


Love 101- electronic pop; Inst track available


Where the Sun Shines- fun summery pop; Inst track available




Candy- pop/R&B like Maya; Inst track available



Tween pop

Let’s Have a Sleepover- tween pop like Radio Disney


Hello Sunshine- positive song like in Frozen



Indie Rock-Singer/songwriter

If I Knew Then- introspective singer/songwriter style


Tangled- indie rock like Colbie Caillat






Crazy for Hip- Hop- Hip Hop Instrumental, edgy, tough, dramatic

Morphling- Hip Hop Instrumental, intense, dramatic, sleek

Infusion- Hip Hop Instrumental, edgy, mysterious, dramatic

Skipping- Electronic Instrumental, hopeful, positive, light

Foggy Night- Electronic Instrumental, suspenseful, moody, mysterious