Trip to the Southwest US

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DCIM100GOPROGOPR4686.Well, I haven’t posted in a while…because I was away. So I decided to post a few pics from our trip. No, it’s not directly related to music. But… it’s important to creativity to do new things, see new places, and have new experiences.grand canyon view

One time at a Q&A with Yo Yo Ma, someone asked how he keeps playing the same pieces over and over with freshness, so they don’t get stale to him. He mentioned how it’s so important to try new things, because even trying a new food, or learning to cook something new can change your perspective and bring new life to familiar things.saquaro cactus

I think the same is true of writing. It’s easy to fall into a rut. Same chords, similar melody lines, same lyrical content. But when you try or learn new things, now you have something else to draw from in your reservoir. That’s one reason I like to travel. Everything can be new!

grand canyon selfie - CopyEnjoy the pics, we went to Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. There’s a selfie of me at the Grand Canyon, AZ, US, one of my hubby after a hike he did to the bottom where it was 108 degrees Farenheit. grand canyon hikeHe was smoked. Saquaro cactus from Tucson. And beautiful mesas are everywhere. I love it out there. So different from where I live.20160604_161957



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